That right idea gives me a cozy, warm, fed feeling. I believe that we should each be able to find something in our work that makes us feel content and satisfied.

The best careers grow organically. I know mine always has. As an independent creative director and visual storyteller, my goal with every project is to leverage my creativity in ways that make the world happier, healthier and more beautiful.


Creativity is a manifestation of what has been and what could be, a balance between the sensible and the shocking, an elegant blend of art and commerce. For Alicia Garcia-Romero, it’s a conversation that never stops—an internal source of energy and excitement that pushes her to create in three dimensions.

After an upbringing devoted to fine arts—from childhood oil paintings to university studies leading to her degree in interior architecture—Alicia began her career as a contract designer and founded a boutique marketing agency. She then moved to Venice to break into the film business, working in Art Department as a coordinator and assistant art director on TV commercials and films. Drawing from this cinematic experience, she learned to infuse a story and sense of depth into every idea.

Returning to the Bay Area, Alicia embraced her love of interiors at Boyd Lighting, a luxury brand where she served as the company’s Art Director. McGuire Furniture then brought her on as their interior designer. She grew to become the Visual and Creative lead for the company. She bolstered the brand vision and its evolution: art directing catalog shoots, set design for showrooms and markets, and creative directing the visual experience of McGuire across all facets.

With a belief that there’s always something new to say, Alicia is an independent creative director and visual storyteller who is dedicated to work that sparks her creativity and feeds the soul.


“You have to trust yourself. Then take leaps of faith and know that you’re on the right path. Next you work like crazy to make sure your idea is executed perfectly.”